The Noble Bioinformatics Core Service Component (NBCSC)



The Noble Bioinformatics Core Service Component (NBCSC) of the Zhao Bioinformatics Lab focuses on providing compute resources, support and training to the investigators across the Noble Foundation. 

The NBCSC recognizes that quantitative analytic methods are now central to the pursuit of plant science especially in plant functional genomics research. The intersection of information science, biostatistics and plant biology requires multidisciplinary collaborative efforts that the NBCSC is designed to nurture.



Our goal is to ensure that these scientists across the Noble Foundation are able to effectively exploit existing and emerging computational technologies, especially related to plant functional genomics.  We provide the following list of services in an attempt to reach these goals:

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Bioinformatics Work Orders

Please submit and manage your Work Orders through the Noble Foundation Bioinformatics Work Order System.

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Contact US

We are always happy to discuss science and in particular genomic approaches to research questions!!  We can help with many things not outlined on this page but we can't tell you unless you ask. If we are unable to help you with your specific problem, we can usually refer you to someone who can.