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The Medicago truncatula Gene Expression Atlas (MtGEA)

Medicago truncatula is a model or reference species for legume genetics, genomics, and breeding. To leverage the genome sequencing that is currently being done for this species, we have developed a compendium or "atlas" of gene expression profiles for the majority of M. truncatula genes covering all its major organ systems (roots, nodules, stems, petioles, leaves, vegetative buds, flowers, seeds and seed pods) with detailed developmental time-series for nodules and seeds, using the Affymetrix Medicago Gene Chip ®. In the future, these data will be supplemented with transcriptome data from plants subjected to various kinds of abiotic and biotic stresses and data from specific cell and tissue types. We anticipate that these data will aid gene function determination, biological discovery, and molecular breeding efforts.

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