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TrichOME: A Publicly Available Database of Genes and Metabolites Expressed in Plant Trichomes
TrichOME is the integrated genomic database of genes and metabolites expressed in plant trichomes. Comprehensive data hosted in the TrichOME were mainly generated through a NSF-funded project (Award #0605033) and also collected from various public resources, e.g. from NCBI's sequence repositories and ArrayExpress database. TrichOME hosts integrated information including
  1. EST sequences: TrichOME hosts 564,666 ESTs sequenced from 9 species, 107 libraries. These ESTs were sequenced from trichome and non-trichome control tissues; the later were included for Unigene assembling and comparative genomics analysis. These ESTs were assembled into 34,406 trichome-related Unigenes by species and further annotated on the basis of UniProtKB / TrEMBL, Gene Ontology database, KEGG pathway database, TCDB transporter database and transcription factor database. We also implemented an in-silicon gene expression analysis tool for searching trichome-specific genes.
  2. Microarray hybridizations: TrichOME hosts 47 hybridizations from Medicago truncatula, an important model legume and Medicago sativa (Alfalfa). These hybridizations were performed on glandular trichome, non-glandular trichome and control tissues using Affymetrix Medicago gene chip of 61,278 probe-sets. Both raw hybridization signals and pre-normalized expression signals are available for batch download and individual search. A set of tools were also developed to facilitate the analysis and mining of trichome-related genes.
  3. Metabolome Profiling: The TrichOME currently hosts 24 metabolite profiles (~720 tentative peaks) of trichome from Medicago sativa. Three biological repeats of each trichome extract were performed to profile metabolites accumulated in trichomes using UPLC/MS Analysis for Secondary Metabolites, GC/MS Analysis for Polar Metabolites, GC /MS Analysis for non-Polar Metabolites (no hydroxylation) and GC/MS Analysis for non-Polar Metabolites (hydroxylation). We are adding more metabolite profiles as our project progress.
  4. Literature Mining and Curation: We mined and curated over 1,000 literatures to identify trichome-related genes. To date, we've analyzed ~ 200 trichome-related genes from published literatures.

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