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The Database of Medicago truncatula mutants

Medicago truncatula is a model species for legume genetics, genomics, and breeding. To enable efficient forward- and reverse-genetics studies with this species, large scale mutants are being generated in the Noble Foundation. Currently, Medicago truncatula mutant database hosts two different mutant populations: (i) a Fast Neutron Bombardment (FNB) deletion mutant population of approximately 80,000 M1 lines; and (ii) a Tnt1 retrotransposon insertion mutant population of over 9,000 lines containing an estimated 200,000 random insertions within the genome. Phenotypic information for many of these mutants and Tnt1 Flanking Sequence Tags (FSTs) are available.  In addition, FSTs associated with specific Tnt1 lines are contained in a BLAST-able dataset. The distribution of FSTs, gene models, tentative consensus sequences (TCs), and Medicago Affymetrix probe sets across the M. truncatula genome are searchable and visualized by the genome viewer GBrowse. Gene expression data from the Medicago Gene Expression Atlas project has also been integrated into the database, which allows users to examine gene expression profiles for genes tagged by FSTs.


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