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Online Utilities
SFL: Generic Sequence Face Lifter

SFL reformats a given sequence into a preset template for easier reading. You may further copy and paste the reformatted sequence to your power point slide, word document etc.

» Visit SFL

SUBSET: Generic Sequence Library Manager and Subset Builder
SUBSET allows you to combine sequences from one or multiple FASTA files into a uniform database set (library), and download a sequence "subset" according to a provided ID list.

» Visit SUBSET

NCBI Genebank Sequence Grabber

This web service will download biological sequences from NCBI Genebank website in batch.  To employ the function, you only need paste a series of accession name of sequence into the textfield of wenpage, then click submit button. After a while, you will obtain these sequence in fasta format from a new opened window.

» Visit NCBI Genebank Sequence Grabber

In-Silicon PCR Webtool

This function is a web interface of In-Silicon PCR program. It can amplify the sequence based on primer what you input. The template sequence can be currently selected from several species' genomic sequence or EST library. In future, user will be able to upload template sequence theirselves.

» Visit isPCR Web Interface

Medicago Truncatula BAC Sequence Cutter

This web service can select a segment by your request and output the result in fasta format from BAC sequence of medicago Truncatula. This function also can be implemented in batch es. The BAC sequences are being weekly updated by a automatically running pipeline program on backend. Please refer the prompt on web page to utilize this function.

» Visit

METER: Medicago truncatula Expression Reports
METER retrieves the in-silicon expressions of multiple Mt TCs and consolidate them into a large table for downstream analysis. Each TC's expressions are searchable through TIGR's web site.

» Visit METER
MTGH: Medicago truncatula Gene History

MTGH traces the history of a given TC in all available versions of Medicago truncatula Gene Indices (MTGIs). You may also batch download the sequences of any number of TCs and singlets.

» Visit MTGH

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